learyworks showcases my work as writer and photographer.

Under writing you will find my second novel, Kingdom of the Paper Sun, plus some essays and a sample from my first novel, Blood and Peanut Butter.

The photography section shows fragments of urban landscapes. Most of these are bits of New York or Berlin.

the Attic page is where I put up items that I find interesting. The present collection includes old stamps and beautiful map details.
My name is Christopher Leary. I was born in New Zealand in 1953 but did not stay there long. My parents had a bad case of wanderlust and by the time I was six my family was living in Nigeria. Then a couple of years in Spain before moving on to sunny England. There I was educated and somehow ended up with a degree in architecture.

Shortly after graduation I moved to New York. Many happy architecting years later I settled in the reunified city of Berlin. At least, I thought I had settled, but 2008 saw me moving on again, this time to Cologne. And now I'm back in Berlin again. It seems wanderlust is genetic.
Follow the adventures of Katsin Audi dan Zaki, a young colonial officer posted to the deepest, dankest Jagab, the land of the ghost peoples. Published 2014. Currently out of print.
Atlantic sea routes. A detail from Der Lebensraum des Menschen, a German school atlas, 1957. Columbus's route via the Azores is not shown.
Follow the adventures of Rupert and Edgar, young English soldiers posted to the deserts of the Sudan, the land of the Dervishes. Published 1892. Now out of print.